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If you buy them off of ebay, make sure to use a seller that does a ton of business and has good ratings. If you are not comfortable buying merchandise cards off of ebay, go to a pawn shop in the worst part of town, tell them to call you when they get merchandise cards as you will buy them for 90 cents on the dollar of face value. I actually have 2 pawn shops that call me quite a bit when they get these cards in. BigBubba, I really liked that plan until I found out that most of it is perpetuated by theft not by you, but by someone else.

You can also go online to plasticjungle. I know exactly how you feel, since the underlying factor is theft usually. I cannot say that I agree with the process, but in today's society, not many people even bat an eye at something like this.

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Kinda sad. May I suggest slickdeals. Set an alert for the actual thing you're looking for paint, a specific tool and if it comes up be ready to pounce on it.

Save $50 at Lowe's: 49 Coupons & Promo Codes for Oct.

They also have a lot of good strategies for getting cards that aren't illegal. It all depends on the markup of the items. Coincidentally enough, I had a couple kids walk up to me today at my local Home Depot and ask me if I'd buy their return card from them. On a hunch I did. Plus, the receipt was 4 minutes old from the actual time.

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I routinely use Lowes coupons at Home Depot. Usually it requires two levels of manager approval. The extra five minute hassle is well worth the wait, IMO. However, their locations are rarely as convenient as Home Depot. I did not mean to offend I was just giving an alternative. And there is some shady stuff on slickdeals as well. It's up to you to use them or not. But they are really good at teaching you how to get the most out of your coupons. I verified this recently.

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Start a Discussion. This topic has been locked by an administrator. Alternatively, you can contact the company via Twitter or Facebook, or pop into a nearby Mark's store. Part of the wider Canadian Tire group, the store is a great place to pick up rugged Mark's boots for industrial tasks, work overalls, or essentials like t-shirts. Prices tend to be very reasonable, especially when you use Mark's promo codes. Check current flyers and web listings for Mark's coupons before stocking up.

They are released on a fortnightly basis, so check back every couple of weeks for a new set of discounts. Flyers also vary by province, so the range of offers will depend on your location. Keep an eye out for Mark's coupons too! If items are packaged within the original receipt, Mark's will issue a full refund minus shipping costs, which aren't covered.

If you don't have the receipt, Mark's will offer store credit via an in-store merchandise card. Check out the online store's sale section, consult Mark's promo code listings, or get a hold of the most recent flyer for the latest bargains. VO5 Festivals. NME Audio. Discount Codes. Sundance Catalog.

Lowes Canada Coupon Codes and Cashback (Update Daily)

Luxury Escapes. Music Magpie. Lisa Angel. G Adventures. Disney Store. Liverpool FC.

Pizza Hut. Home Clothing Mark's Promo Codes. Updated October 25, Mark's Coupons Mark's Canada marks. Share these great deals! Mark's Coupons Join Marks. Discount Code. Expires 2 days from now. Free Shipping.